Submit A Story

We’d like to hear from anyone interested in having their words converted to art. Fortunately I recently found work again, which unfortunately means I’m failing at delivering Wendy with enough fresh fiction, so she needs your help to keep the art coming.

If you’ve got some short stories, witty dialogue, flash fiction or any other form of writing you’d like brought to life send it over to Like my stories, if Wendy gets inspired she’ll put beautiful lines on paper which we, as writers, can’t hope to replicate – can you sense how bitter I am that I can’t even manage stick figures?

Of course, you’ll receive full credit for your work and a linkback to the site of your choosing. We reserve the right to republish the work, again credited to you, in future projects but have no immediate plans to do so. Anonymity is also an option.

Submission Guidelines:
– Writing should be no longer than two pages
– Your work must be original and not copied from another source
– We will consider risque content, to an extent

We look forward to hearing from you!


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