Found Poetry + Art

The Red Gloves

‘A gift’ he said as he handed me the box
‘I’m sorry do I know you?’ I asked

Who is this man that is smiling at me?
This stranger, this person talking confidently
He is tall, mysterious and curiously charming
But I find his insistence slightly alarming

‘Open it!’ he tells me and overwhelmed I do
Red gloves lay before me from a man I never knew
‘Put them on!’ he tells me and astonished I do
Red guardians on my hands were before me

‘Your my valentine!’ he tells me then he smiles,
walks away
I’m excited and enchanted for the rest of the day
A blizzard came then, but my hands were not cold
I thought of the man so handsome and bold

‘May I sit here?’ A voice said out of the blue
He had returned the next day with intentions she knew
‘I have another gift for you’ he said with a laugh
I blushed as he handed me a beautiful red scarf

We walked in the snow, we were strangers mesmerized
Talking, agreeing so much to my surprise
Dinners, dancing, romance, all good fun
A wonderful relationship had just begun

I wear my red gloves with a surprise underneath
A ring, an engagement, a devoted love, a belief
A marriage, some children, but that wasn’t that
For the following Valentine he bought me a red hat.

Poem by: Rachel Thiel-Rouselle

More of Rachel’s lovely work can be found at:

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6 Responses to Found Poetry + Art

  1. mazemangriot says:

    That poem really fits with the picture. Great job! I’ve missed a few days visiting, but its good to see you two still going strong!

  2. Love does enter mysteriously sometimes, doesn’t it? The picture captures that moment before she knows, while she wonders with a doubt or two.

  3. I’m so thrilled I found this blog through your “like” of my post! Great work, I will be checking back here regularly.

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