About Us

Fiction & Foibles is a collaboration of passions between artist (Wendy) and writer (Rory). We’ve both been keeping our passions secret and safe for most of our lives and realized if we’re every actually going to do what we love, and love what we do, we’re going to need to step out of our comfort zones a bit.

And so Fiction & Foibles was created – a place where we can hone our craft and get accustomed to sharing it with others. Also a place to bring life to the ideas and inconsistencies we see around us.

Together we draw and write based on events, people and philosophies we’ve witnessed. Sometimes this may just be our perspective of an interesting looking patron of Starbucks or a completely blown out version of that same figure valiantly wielding a diamond claymore to defend his home from space vampires.

We truly hope you enjoy the way we see our world and thanks for stopping by.


33 Responses to About Us

  1. mazemangriot says:

    Hey guys where have you been I miss the inspiration! I’m on maze 116 today still pushing on.

  2. JP says:

    This is such a great idea! The illustrations are so beautiful and the stories equally so. I love, love, LOVE this.

  3. Hi Wendy and Rory,
    thanks for visiting ‘A Kindle in the Mind’, Thought I’d return the favour and see what your blog was all about. Really like the concept behind fiction & foibles. Might even submit a story myself some time.

  4. Amali says:

    I’m still sort of finding my feet in the blogosphere, but I knew I had to subscribe to you as soon as I visited. Writing and art are things that I adore, and you manage to combine the two brilliantly.
    I’ll definitely be a regular visitor!

    • Welcome aboard, Amali! Thanks so much for the kind words and we hope to see you back soon.

      Can’t wait for you to make your own blog public so we can start visiting and seeing all the things you like to create. We’re happy to have you in the community.

  5. os333 says:

    Awesome idea, great work. I may submit a short story or poem soon and see if it inspires any artwork.

  6. Pre-Raph Joe says:

    I really enjoy your stuff!!! I would love to contribute some art if you ever need anything.
    keep up the great work I know i will be back!

  7. icjustright says:

    Sick drawings and crazy stories together at last! I love it!

  8. nikkie says:

    This sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing and reading more of you two!

  9. fünfgemüse says:

    Great job ! I love it. Hope you don’t mind if I share it in my blog soon ? : )

  10. I just looked at my site to see if my email was there, and I saw it on the sidebar under my angel statue. I just used a text widget and wrote something I thought sounded interesting. This is what it says: “Ré Harris writes this stuff and can be reached at: knitterlywit@gmail.com.” Since you can’t see it, I need to figure out what’s going on! Thanks for the heads up!

    Anyway, in regard to your CSS and all that, I really do think your site looks fine as it is. Your hard work has paid off! It’s like a book cover and it doesn’t distract from the artwork or the stories. Your unifying theme is the dependability of what your blog is basically about. You can tell someone in thirty seconds what your blog is about, and they’ll want to check it out. When I try to put what I do into words, folks almost fall asleep. I’m not sure how to fix that yet, but I’m working on it.

    • Okay, I just wrote all that out on the title box inside the text widget, instead of in the bigger box beneath that. That should make it visible. Now I’m thinking that it may be valuable to visit one’s own site without being signed in, just to see how it looks! Thanks again!

  11. Shadows, I can’t thank you enough for the time you’ve taken to help augment our new blog and guide us down the right track. The encouragement is invigorating.

    I agonized for a few days over the layout and theme before feeling comfortable with launching the site. I’m no CSS guru so even just figuring out small little tweaks was frustrating. I’m happy with how simple it is, but hope to make it even better over time. We’d love whatever suggestions you might have.

    The email link idea is great, but after exploring our widget options I didn’t see anything readily available for a clean email option. I checked your site to see how you did it, but didn’t see an email visible there either – am I just going insane?!

    While I have to admit, I’m more interested in Wendy’s art success than my own writing success (don’t know if I have what it takes to do this full time), I absolutely agree that if the opportunity comes knocking we should all be ready to jump up and start running.

  12. Dear Wendy and Rory, as a new subscriber (excited about that!) and a fellow blogger, I wanted to pass along a couple of things I’ve learned along my way: You two are way ahead of the curve because your blog has the all important unifying “theme” –the unique artwork, and the stories written to fit with it. I haven’t been able to adhere to any real theme, so you’re way ahead of me already! The only other thing, besides lot’s of clarifying editing in case a publisher or agent stumbles upon you (you want to be crisp and ready!) is to get a blog email address and include it on your sidebar so you can be easily reached by anyone interested in your work. What you’re already doing, and your presence on Twitter, is really good. But we all need to make a living, so if success comes knocking at your door you want to be able to hear it! Best of luck to you both!

  13. Lola says:

    why would you keep all this a secret?!?!? these stories & drawings are great 😀
    also, starbucks barristas fighting space vampires? why don’t you guys already have your own TV show?

    • Keeping it secret is a great way to ensure our work isn’t rejected. Since the art itself can’t feel the pangs of rejection, we assume all mantles of responsibility and manifestation – which sucks. We’re beginning to get a lot more comfortable though and the more we post the more excited we get to keep posting!

      I’ll get started on the spec script right away now that I know we’ve got an automatic viewer! It’ll be a huge selling point to the studios.


  14. classicstuffs says:

    Your art kinda makes me read more!
    you are really a gifted artist..!
    All the best for your future…
    – classic team

  15. Rory and Wendy thanks for visiting my [kinderSCHTICK] blog and leaving a comment. I need all the help I can get. I also have photos and paintings at http://www.jeremiahbriggs.wordpress.com . It is very nice to meet you your work is unique and well rendered Wendy. I’ll be a follower -Jeremiah

    • Thanks so much for reciprocating, Jeremiah. We look forward to seeing the adventure continue.

      Your site is very interesting, I personally appreciated all the fantasy art. As a fantasy lover it’s right up my alley.

      I’ll pass the sentiments along to Wendy, she’s always thrilled to get compliments on her art.


  16. mazemangriot says:

    Thanks for the visit to my art project. I hope that you check me out daily. Anyway I love what your doing. As a writer as well your site inspires me to keep going at it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Love it! I’ve found dark and tragic stories are easier to get out. It’s harder to describe the happy ordinary moments and keep them interesting. Very jealous of your descriptive imagery! I’m so not there yet.

    Funny how many of us “secret creators” there are out there!

    • Thanks, Anonymous! It’s weird how that works, right? I guess that’s why the hard times in life always stick out so much more in our memories than the happy times. Descriptive imagery is definitely something I’m working on – it doesn’t come easy!

      I think it’s more socially and psychologically interesting, than funny. I wonder what it means that we’re all so secretive. I’ve got a few theories, one being that we’re taught to avoid strangers from a young age and keep our cards close to our chest. Considering how personal art is, in whichever form, it makes sense we’d want to keep it under wraps.

  18. moofiefate says:

    A good concept–
    Yeah, I also started to blog because my secretiveness towards my drawing especially was reaching
    the sublimely ridiculous. WordPress is a good place, half anonymous and half not, to get the beasties out. =)
    I like this collaboration you guys have going on– Both the writing and the artwork is a little tragic, but also funny and unique! Keep sharing, please!

    • Thanks! Wendy is dark by nature but I was surprised that most of my writing has been coming out even darker since starting the project. We hope to cover all genres, but apparently I want to get a little emo out first. Check back every once in awhile to see what we’re up to. We hope to post frequently through the week.


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