Saturday Rejects – Spiders, Melting Faces and Brothels

One more week and a backlog of beautiful works by Wendy I just haven’t been able to deliver words for. I’m a terrible blog partner, yet she has been patient with me and we have not yet begun scratching at each other’s eyes, faces and other exposed bits of soft flesh.

Anyways, I know why you’re all here. I’ll shut up now.

I’m somewhat sad to post “Spiders” in the rejects section since there is such potential for a good story here. But it’s Wendy’s favorite drawing to date and she wants to share it with everyone. I don’t blame her – it needs to see the light of day and I’ve let it languish in the darkness for too long.

A lot of Wendy’s work is pretty surreal, and I really enjoyed the fantastic imagery in this one particularly. Another great drawing that deserves a good story to go with it.

Oh the possibilities with “Brothel”. With the current state of affairs in our communities in regards to morality, obesity, marital strife, this piece offers a playground of options to choose form.

Alas, even though my options may be limitless, my time is not and juggling a full time+ job and getting 4-5 posts out a week has been a challenge.

Wendy suggested the idea of using Saturday Rejects as a pool for our writing neighbors to choose form if any of the included pieces inspire a story of their own – much like our friend Sparks In Shadows did for our recent guest story. Would you like to help us find homes for these amazing works of art? Check out our Submit a Story page for details how.

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2 Responses to Saturday Rejects – Spiders, Melting Faces and Brothels

  1. moofiefate says:

    God, your figures are so good!!!!!
    You have got the human body DOWN–humbling and inspiring.
    Looking forward to more great drawings =)

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