Friday With Friends – 7 Deadly Princesses, Wolves, Mazes and Sex Changes

It’s Friday and we’d like to share all the new friends we’ve made and the amazing things they provide for our enjoyment.

But first, I’d like to share one of Wendy’s pieces that I think is beautiful – The flow of the lines invoke a bit of tranquility for me. It reminded me of a shortfilm I saw recently called “The Butterfly Circus” (check it out here) which carries a message of hope, determination and family. I highly recommend you catch it.

CorinaWrites – 7 Deadly Sins of Disney Princess
Wendy stumbled across Corina’s site while browsing some new art content, which shefound in this post featuring our favorite Disney princesses represented as the 7 Deadly Sins. While there are a couple that seem a little off, the others make compelling statements. While Corina is not the artist (you can find them here), she obviously does value beautiful art and seems to take great pride and time to find some great works to share with the world. Cool site to watch.

Sparks In Shadow – Another Writers’ Dilemma?
Sparks In Shadows is a blog I found while flitting through writing content and the message I found definitely struck a chord with me. Every artist, regardless of medium, struggles at times with identifying with the voice inside and Sparks puts words to this dilemma so succinctly. What impressed me the most is, while her writing is undoubtedly for the benefit of her own growth, it’s very obviously intended for others as well. I think Sparks In Shadows has spent more time on Fiction & Foibles, providing feedback, than she probably has developing her own blog’s content – which is a credit to her true desire to grow with a community, instead of just within one. Very cool person.

maze a day – Maze 4
We found Maze while just browsing through art and really liked his beautiful, yet simple, idea of crafting a maze a day for the next year. The pieces are already beautiful, but I can’t wait to see what a year’s worth of practicing such precise art will do! These things are great and we have a lot of fun seeing the new directions he takes each day.

She Waited on the Couch to Die – Summer
I found Moof while looking for some light reading and was immediately blown away by her moleskine art projects. Her art style mirrors the tone of her writing perfectly, and she’s very talented at both. A good deal of angst and wit to be found at Moof’s blog – I’d definitely recommend stopping by to check it out.

The Literary Bandit – Hero A Day: Notorious W.O.L.V.I.E
As a long time nerd, The Literary Bandit has a special place in my heart. The artist and author behind the operation clearly has a deep rooted interest in all things nerdtastic and my hat is off to him for making me smile every morning with another quick drawing (under 5 minutes) of my favorite comic book heroes and villains.

Wolves by Strangers – #57 “Wolf vs. T-Rex”
One of the first blogs I found when jumping around the interwebz and for obvious reasons (wolves rock) Wolves by Strangers is being included here today. WBS features pictures and writings about, you guessed it, wolves, as submitted by the viewing community. A lot of fun to see what people come up with, of which I’ve linked to my favorite so far.

LAFEMMEROAR – Man from Malutopia – Story of Genital Proportions
LaFemme Roar was another early writing blog I found with a particular pension for discussing the eternal struggle between man and woman – that might be putting it lightly. The first post I read was a finely crafted recounting of an experience with a potential suitor at a grocery store which guys all sorts of sideways. While the topic was a little out of my arena, the storytelling and writing craft was top notch. As Fiction & Foibles tries to maintain a fictional content theme, I was excited to see when LaFemme Roar opened a new page specifically dedicated to fiction. Her writing style and creativity makes for a great combo in her first fiction installment linked above.

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10 Responses to Friday With Friends – 7 Deadly Princesses, Wolves, Mazes and Sex Changes

  1. moofiefate says:

    Thank you for your kind mention =) You found me first and I’m glad you did… now I come around to your site regularly and there’s always inspiring new posts and drawings. May there be many more to come!

  2. mazemangriot says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the sharing of our writer/artist community I definitely appreciate when hidden jewels of inspiration are shared with me. R I know its been a tough week for you but keeping the stories coming. Now that you have us locked in! Ofcourse I say that still fresh in the game. Im sure by Sept I’m going to need to recharge.

    • You’re welcome, Maze. Anything we can do to keep one another going since life has a way of distracting us form the things we enjoy creating. Let us know if there is anything we can do when you hit that wall and we’ll be around.

  3. Thank you both so much for mentioning me here! This is a lovely surprise, and I hardly feel deserving, but I like being called a “cool person”! I will try to live up to that.

    (This caught me while beginning to hash out a bit of flash fiction to submit to you. I hope it’s a good fit– the attempt, in itself, is great practice. Thanks!)

  4. Lafemmeroar says:

    Thank you! It makes me feel good that my misadventures at the grocery store and my confused mind in writing “fiction” about sex changes is appreciated. You’ve made my Friday 🙂 and my weekend.

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