An Unexpected Turn Of Events

Roger couldn’t fathom the depths of his luck, as he opened his front door to let his guest inside. He typically only took home the sloppiest drunk after hours of feeding her cosmopolitans until last call.

She usually didn’t even know her own name by the time he was through with her.

He’s not the guy that gets picked up by the most beautiful woman in the bar, he reminded himself. He’s not the guy that leaves early at her request, he kept thinking.

As the door swung open he stepped aside, playing the part of the gentleman host. Don’t fuck this up, he quietly repeated over and over again.

“Uhh… after you.”

His dark haired companion flashed a playful smile as she brushed past him. She smelled like some exotic flower he wasn’t nearly cultured enough to name. His heart quickened at the thought of drowning in the intoxicating aroma.

She gingerly walked into the small living room of his one-bedroom apartment, tracing delicate lines over his Crate & Barrel adornments, a set of coasters, a cheap desk lamp, a bronze statuette of a naked woman, all scattered neatly across his Ikea furniture set. After a brief inspection, the woman turned to Roger and stared expectantly.

Roger quickly closed the door and fumbled with the lock. Turning back he asked, “Can I, um, get you a drink?”

She shook her head, the slight movement causing her long tresses to swing in front of her lustful eyes.

His mouth was dry while his palms cried sweat. He took a step forward, closing the distance between them.

“Did you want to put a movie on or something?”

Again a slight shake of her head.

Another step. He stood in front of her.

Even though Roger wasn’t the largest man, he towered over the petite frame of the mysterious woman. His breathing seemed labored as he tried to maintain control of his composure. A bead of sweat rolled down from his receding hairline, betraying the attempt.

Heat radiated from his body as she lithely walked her fingers up his front to the top button of his shirt. With a practiced hand, she easily unbuttoned each until his undershirt was completely exposed.

Her eyes widened hungrily at the sight. She ripped the dress shirt back and away from him with strength her slender arms should not have contained. Roger’s face screwed up in bewilderment as his mind tried to keep up.

She feverishly grappled with the bottom of his slightly damp undershirt, pulling the hem from his pant line. Roger was unaccustomed to such deliberate action from his women. By this point they’d be passed out and he’d be figuring out the best way to disrobe them – not the other way around.

He wasn’t about to mention the turn of his fortune and let the beautiful woman work.

She tore the undershirt up and over his head revealing his hairy chest and protruding gut. He would have been bashful about it all had she not immediately buried her face into the sweat stained fabric of the garment to inhale deeply.

“Uhh… wha-”

Before he could finish, the shirt fell away from her face, which had been replaced by a mask of pure desire. Still clutching her soiled prize, she threw her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate embrace. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth and he welcomed it – time for the real fun to begin.

As his hands begin to grope over her backside, his mind jumped ahead to the pleasures of the night ahead.

Roger became lost in the potential ways he could defile his latest victim. Perhaps he’d begin by tying her to the bed. Revel in his dominant power as she squirmed under his–

A loud crack echoed in Roger’s head, followed by an eruption of sharp pain from his temple.

An explosion of lights blinded him. Gravity seemed to realign itself and he couldn’t quite perceive which way was up anymore and he toppled to the floor with a colossal crash.

The lights began to fade, though his vision was still blurry. He tried to get his hands under him but couldn’t find the strength to support himself yet.

“You bitsth”, he stammered through the disorienting anguish.

Another crack and flash of pain flattened him once more to the floor. He couldn’t really remember how he’d ended up there.

As he pondered his current position a small bronze statue of a naked woman was dropped into his field of vision. It lay there looking at him as he stared back. Before long a slowly creeping pool of viscous crimson rolled up from the bottom of his periphery to surround his new friend.

Roger’s sight was beginning to fade to black when movement distracted him from his swim in the red lack with the naked lady. Beyond, he could just make out a figure with long black hair walk through a door holding a white bundle of fabric in her hand.

Before darkness swallowed him, he thought about all the devious things he would do to her if he could just get her to come home with him.

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10 Responses to An Unexpected Turn Of Events

  1. mazemangriot says:

    To Rory, I know I’ve asked about the site, but are you working on a novel at all?

    • Maze, I’m not currently working on a novel. The idea of dedicating so much time to such a massive undertaking, while maintaining a full time job, just seems so impossible. I know it’s a longterm process, that will never happen unless I start somewhere, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

      One day though, we’ll see if inspiration strikes.

  2. mazemangriot says:

    Nice image of the woman! Great job Wendy. I liked the story and didn’t see it coming. Nice work. If I could give any feedback from your stories is to use the quotes section and give us a snippet of the story in the big bold box. Especially in this story if you quoted her positive it will really throw us off. Anyway thats my suggestions. If your interested I would like to share a story I have with you that has an unexpected turn of events. If your at all interested let me know and i can email it. Again thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for stopping by again, Maze! We’re really glad you liked the new post.

      Your suggestion sounds really interesting but I’m not sure I follow completely. What segment of this story would you suggest be quoted? Where would that quote be positioned on the page – at the top or just where the particular segment exists in the story? Looking forward to your feedback.

  3. How darkly pleasurable to watch the vile tables turn on a predator! This was cool and I like the slow methodical way you built it!

    Just two proofreading notes here: some of your “from”s came out as “form.” And I paused to ponder this phrase at the end, “… distracted from his swim in the red lack…” I decided it might be a typo and settled on “red lake.” Was I right? Wrong?

    Proofreading is always vexing for me, because I know what I mean to say and often read my stories that way, without catching my mistakes. One trick I have to use (and it’s borrrring!) is to read each word slowly, like I’m not very bright. If I can stay focused while I do it, I catch more typos and stuff that way.

    Great story, Rory, and I love how it goes with Wendy’s art!

    • SIS, your feedback is again so very appreciated. I can’t believe how many times I misspelled “form”! I feel like I should be paying you consulting or editing fees for how helpful you’ve been. When is your next post due? I’m anxious to return the favor of reading, and proofing the work if needed.

      I’ll try the self-editing tip you suggestion. I’m usually so rushed to push the content out I only give it cursory review, which is generally just reading it aloud to Wendy – which works well considering the massive number of mistakes I catch. Hopefully you’ll be able to see the benefit of your feedback in future posts.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the newest story. Wendy’s art was the absolute inspiration for the piece. As playful as she looks, I caught a spark of deviance in her eye that guided my pen (or fingers).

  4. thank you for this tantalising tale, and I appreciate the images throughout

  5. Indigo says:

    First visit here and I truly enjoyed the visual in art and words. I’m looking forward to explore the site more. (Hugs)Indigo

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