Saturday Rejects – Nymphs, Mother-Daughter Drama and Weeping Flowers

Well, as I expected Wendy has really been outproducing me in content and she’s just got more art than I can keep up with (help with stories!). Since I’m unable to create the fiction to publish it, and it’s just too beautiful not to share, I’ll be posting a handful of sketches each Saturday that didn’t make the grade for story time. Without further ado…

Wendy hates this piece but I think it’s bold and stunning. (Pencil, Ink and Acrylic)

Wendy calls this one “Mother, You’re Over-Reacting”. While I’m sure most writers would be able to drum up some fiction for this piece, I just couldn’t do it. Call me crazy, but it’s hard for me to relate with drama between mother and daughter. Maybe I’ll come back to it some day to exercise empathetic writing. (Pencil, Ink, Acrylic and Sharpie)

I really should write something for this piece but there is just way too many others that are even better and filling up my backlog. Some are just going to need to be cut even though they’re beautiful. (Pencil, Ink and Acrylic)

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11 Responses to Saturday Rejects – Nymphs, Mother-Daughter Drama and Weeping Flowers

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  3. marneymcnall says:

    I love how you two have combined your art. And this piece…it has a way of staying with you. It has a haunting quality…as if saying, “You’re not the only one. I know, too.” That’s one of the great things about art, isn’t it? It brings up different things for different people.

    • Thanks, Marney! We’re very pleased that you like the combo – we call it the ol’ one, two.

      Couldn’t agree more on your assessment of art’s beauty. We don’t so much collaborate as much as we simply create, letting our own perception of eachother’s work guide our hands. I’m always amazing at how crazy my writing comes out based on what I draw from Wendy’s art and she never ceases to amaze me when I first see what she’s drawn based off my writing. It’s always a fresh look on the same concept, with a different spin.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. We hope you come back to see more.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Wow, these are really really great! The eyes are so expressive and there seems to be such a deep story behind them. You’ve made a fan out of me!

  5. mazemangriot says:

    Cool art. I like Wendy’s style of drawing people.

  6. Good stuff. Will be back.

  7. Miki says:

    fantastic art, extremely expressive.. dramatic in this case, somehow. And I love the idea of that blog. In the past my partner, who is a rock musician and writer, wrote poems and musics based on my paintings.. I always loved it!
    Congratulations to you two, it will be very exciting to follow you… 🙂

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