Girl Standing Still

San Francisco, Ca – Union Square

Bill wondered when his mother would stop talking long enough for him to interject with a lie about needing to go because he was walking into a library. He was getting antsy to continue pitying himself for having no one to talk to.

Ling wasn’t thinking about much at all as she hurried along, careful not to make eye contact with anyone. Even at this clip she would only end up burning a fraction of the calories she slurped from her second Big Gulp of the morning.

Madelyn thought about Bill, Ling and just about everything else.

You see, Madelyn has a giant soul.

For those that will want to contest the possibility of a soul, can we just agree that everyone is powered by energy, and since energy cannot be destroyed, once our meat husk fails, that energy will be absorbed back into the ether, cosmic power grid and/or The Matrix? Then let’s agree to call this energy your soul.

Right. Now that everyone has a soul….

Madelyn was pretty and fit. She obviously understood the benefits of consuming plant matter and other meat husks in moderation to fuel the vehicle of her soul. The heavy machinery that gets us from point A to B and coffee from point C to D, where D equals my mouth.

As for more meaningful growth, it is widely accepted by Madelyn, that we are fueled by experience and reflection.

She watched her worldly neighbors rush through their lives, on the same path to the same places with the same thoughts they experience every day. Standing in front of the mirror about the only reflection any of them could claim.

Musing over their individual gaits, some fast and some faster, she could see the majority were people that spent very little time pondering the what, why, who and how’s going on about them. If souls are indeed fueled by experience and reflection then these souls were malnourished.

Short stunted souls.

It is because of these very observations that Madelyn is a giant soul. Even though she was sitting she was clearly towering above the heads of the short little souls scampering around her. She watched as they passed and with each one she grew taller.  Brighter. We watched her as she watched them, absorbing their experiences as her own.

While everyone else milled about with a single-minded focus, Madelyn took in everything. Including a hard-to-miss titanic soul across the square, reading an old book imparting memories left behind by another.

She even saw us. Her smile said, “Hello. Nice to meet you. Aren’t we having a great time?”

Watching Madelyn watch others was a personally eye-opening experience. Even though everyone else seemed to be getting more done in a physical sense, her pensive stillness defied the urgency within the sea of bodies around her. It allowed her to consume information at an exponentially quicker rate.

Without really moving she was experiencing more than the people nearby. Learning more. Growing more.

Or she could have been an assassin conducting research on a mark. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

[Story inspired by Art]

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15 Responses to Girl Standing Still

  1. Here’s to you, Rory and Wendy, for jumping in with both feet! I’m intrigued by the words and the pictures, and I love the design and the uncluttered feel of your blog. (Thank you for stopping by my own earlier.) It’s always nice to meet new artists, especially when they’re as talented as you two.

    I read your most recent story and then this first one, and I have to say how wonderful I think your imagination is, Rory. I wonder if you, like I do on my own blog, appreciate honest reactions from your readers that could possibly help you grow as a writer? Let me know. I believe in kindness and courtesy and all that jazz, so if critique is not what you’re into, I won’t be a bother, just a new fan watching you both blossom. Best of luck here!

    • Thanks so much for those words – they mean more than you know.

      I absolutely appreciate feedback, without reservation. There is no doubt in the value honest critiques have on growth for any artist and I’d welcome any thoughts you have on my writing! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say.

      Thanks so much for stopping in. Can’t get over how much people have responded to our work so far – it really keeps us coming back to post more. We’d probably opt to watch a movie if it weren’t for this community.

  2. moofiefate says:

    Really like the brown paper used for both drawings–just a few hints of white and black, but it does so much!
    And ‘meat husk’….lol. !hanks for clearing up whether we have souls or not in a few deft swipes at
    the keyboard! =) One more argument I can safely put to bed…!

    • The brown paper really makes the pencil and pen pop right off the page. I wish the scans came anywhere close to looking as good as the real deal – but this is what we sacrifice for fame. Or future fame, anyways.

      You’re welcome to use meat husk. Just make sure I’m credited every time you utter the phrase. Feel free to mumble it under your breath right after.

      Thanks for the support!

  3. bukuinfo says:

    artisstic combination that’s amazing 🙂

  4. gunha says:

    Well, i’m convinced. She was definitely an assassin… who was also maybe a Buddhist monk.

    🙂 Bookmarked. Excited to see what else you guys can do.

  5. Much better! I’ll keep you posted on my letter crafting adventures. 😀

  6. Chatter Master says:

    Thanks for finding me ! I can’t stop looking at these faces. It’s like I’m trying to see someone I know in their differences.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Colleen. Wendy (the artist) can’t understand why people dig these so much but I can’t get enough of them and neither have the handful of people she’s shown them to. I’m really hoping to get some more faces from her really soon. 🙂

      I’ll pass the sentiments along!


  7. Kimby says:

    Helps if I enter my website url instead of my gravatar address… Try clicking on this one! 🙂

  8. Kimby says:

    Just click on my name (blue letters) — should take you there. I’m fairly new to this, too, and glad to help!

  9. Kimby says:

    WOW, back! Art and story combined — very intriguing. And excellent! (Excuse me, I have to go fetch my husband from the living room — he’s wondering what the “audibles” are about, coming from my writing nook — I know he’ll enjoy this as much as I did.) Again, wow. Giant souls, both of you.

    • Thanks so much, Kimby! This is a really new adventure for us and we’re pretty uncertain about how it’s going to pan out. Hearing stuff like this is incredibly reassuring and is exactly what I think we’ll need to keep up the posts. We’ll have more come Monday!

      Maybe I’m wordpress inept, but I can’t figure out how to get back to your blog from this comment. Can you be so kind as to share a link?

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